What is electrolysis? Electrolysis is the only known true permanent form of hair removal that is currently available.  It involves the use of electrical currents to permanently destroy the hair and hair follicle, applied via a needle (one-use, sterile, disposable) that is inserted into the hair follicle to destroy the hair and hair follicle .  At Millennium I use the Blend method of electrolysis as this is the most effective.

Electrolysis is a progressive treatment and is not a one treatment fix for unwanted hair.  It can be used to permanently remove hair from any part of the body, but is most commonly used on the face – chin, upper lip, eyebrows.  And often used to remove hair from the nipples and around the belly button.

A consultation is imperative prior to any electrolysis treatment to ensure the client has no contra-indications which would indicate that they are not a candidate for the treatment, and for the electrolysis technician to formulate an individualised treatment plan.

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