Sun Protection

Many people think that using sun protection is only for during summer or when the sun is shining.  But the effects of UV radiation happen all year round during daylight hours, and the main cause of premature aging is from exposure to UV radiation – summer, winter, spring and autumn!  And exposure to UV radiation is the likely cause of over 90 per cent of all skin cancer cases in countries like New Zealand with high summer levels of UVA and UVB rays.

But!  You say. Can UV rays in sunlight really cause damage on a rainy, windy day?  And the answer is. Yes it can!  Here’s why;

Sunlight generates warmth which comes from infra-red rays that we can feel, and produces visible light that we can see during the day, and ultraviolet light which we cannot see or feel but which can penetrate our skin.  The UV light that reaches the earth from the sun are UVA (which have long wavelengths) and UVB (which have shorter wavelengths).

It is these two rays that penetrate cells and cause damage to the DNA contained within. And this happens all year round, as UVA rays remain relatively consistent during all daylight hours during the year and time of day.  They can penetrate clouds and glass.  UVB rays do vary in intensity throughout the year and time of day, and the peak period of intensity is between 10am-4pm approximately from September to April.  But these rays can burn and damage the skin all year round, especially at high altitudes and on reflective surfaces such as snow or ice, which reflect up to 80 percent of the rays.  But UVB rays do not significantly penetrate glass.

Yet we cannot feel these rays!  They do not produce heat like infra-red rays and so even on a cold, cloudy day during winter when the warming infra-red rays are struggling to reach earth as the sun is further away, and clouds absorb them,  UV radiation is bombarding our skin causing damage.

So using broad spectrum sun protection all year round is important to prevent skin cancer, certain skin conditions and premature aging.  Exposure to UV radiation on a daily basis is like putting money in the bank – over time the more exposure you have the more the damage builds up.

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